Naren & Revathi

Naren & Revathi | June 6, 2021 | Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Singapore


The wedding scene is constantly changing and with the pandemic that is happening all around the world, couples have resorted to holding small, intimate weddings. Although it started off as part of the precautionary measures, intimate weddings are being embraced by couples. There are so many reasons for couples to consider planning small weddings, but here are three main reasons why intimate weddings, despite being small, can be just as lovely.


1|   Near and dear

Weddings are so personal. They are about family traditions, cultures, heartfelt promises and most of all, love. It is basically the beginning of a new chapter and remembering fond memories which the both of you created. There will be laughter and tears. Sharing these precious moments with people who are near and dear to the both of you, will only make your wedding day a whole lot sweeter.

2|   Keeping it intimate

Imagine being able to sit down and enjoy your wedding meal, engaging in conversations with your guests, feeling relaxed and taking in the whole feel of being a newly married couple… Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Compared to feeling frenzied during the wedding ceremony, posing for countless group shots (that too, with guests you’ve never met before), and barely being able to enjoy your wedding meal because you are either still running on adrenaline or already tired after the entire wedding, I’ll opt for an intimate ceremony any day!

3|   Wallet-friendly

Now, to the obvious reason why small weddings appeal to couples who are planning their weddings. It’s budget-savvy. Small weddings generally require smaller venue because the guest list is kept from anywhere between 20 – 50 pax. The money you save here can be set aside for your dream honeymoon destination (when it’s safe to travel again) or for your love nest.


Having said all that, small weddings is not for everyone. Whether it is a big-scale wedding or an intimate wedding, they both have their perks. The most important thing to always keep in mind throughout planning your wedding is to remember it is ultimately about the two of you, it’s about marrying the person you love and how you want to remember the most important day of your lives. Whichever wedding you and your partner choose, I hope you guys have a day that’s beautiful, joyful, memorable, and filled with love to last you throughout the years.