Jenaguru & Laurene

Jenaguru & Laurene | August 1, 2020 | Church Of The Holy Cross, Singapore


New Year’s Eve 2019. Who would have thought that while we were eagerly welcoming a brand new year, 2020 had plans of its own?

Coronavirus. A virus that has disrupted lives all around the world in such a short span of time. Countries declared lockdown and we were all asked to stay at home during the implementation of ‘Circuit Breaker’. The lifestyle that we’ve been used to took a drastic change, one we never thought we’d go through as a nation.

While most of us had to stay and work from home and practice social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, one of many groups of people who were affected indirectly were couples, who had set their wedding date during the earlier months of 2020. I can only imagine the hassle they had to go through, to reschedule the wedding events with every single vendors they had engaged. As a person who enjoys working behind his camera, I was feeling rather gutted. I too, shared the uncertainty my clients felt because all we could do was postpone the wedding events to a later date. Much, much later, in fact.

During Phase 1, when the government announced the limitations on wedding pax, I remember checking my event calendar and wonder if the upcoming wedding(s) will be postponed as well. In a nutshell, my fears came true and just like that, I was literally jobless for the next few months!

Fast forward to July, Phase 2 eased the restrictions on key life events and generously increased from 10 to 50 pax. Never had I been this enthused to get back to work! Although not everyone agreed to go ahead with their wedding as planned, some of them did and I am grateful for the opportunity.

One of the couple was Jenaguru and Laurene. Initially, their wedding was supposed to be on the 2nd of May, but due to Covid-19, they decided to postpone to 1st of August. It was a church wedding, held at Church of the Holy Cross, followed by reception at The Halia @ Singapore Botanical Garden. The couple had only invited those near and dear, to abide by the limitations imposed on the number of guests. Despite being a small and intimate ceremony, Jenaguru and Laurene’s wedding was filled with love and warmth. It was truly a lovely atmosphere and it only made me want to capture as many beautiful moments as possible. Sometimes, in a crowded wedding setting, picture-worthy moments can get lost in a split second. I’m beyond pleased with the moments I’ve captured and the fact that the couple loved it, means a lot to me.

Now that ‘Circuit breaker’ has been officially lifted, cue the wedding bells!