Araven & Mahlini

Araven & Mahlini | September 6, 2020 | Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple, Singapore


The New Normal

COVID-19 is very much still a threat but we have come a long way and have been adjusting rather well to the current situation we now call “The New Normal”, and yes, weddings have a new normal too.

Regardless of race, weddings have always been a large family event. We invite families, friends, relatives, extended relatives and colleagues. However, due to social distancing measures and safety guidelines, couples now opt for intimate wedding ceremonies.

Now, there are some couples who would (and had) jump on this opportunity to get married. Personally, I would too. From a finance point of view, it’s definitely friendlier on the wallet. Lol. Jokes apart, it is totally understandable when couples are disappointed with the new wedding guidelines. Yes, I agree that seeing empty rows of chairs doesn’t look good in photographs or videos. Also, it’s not as easy to sit one meter apart from the rest of the guests, even if it’s your own family members. It can get pretty boring and of course, there will be lesser “wefie” moments.

However, having said all that, what matters most are the memories that were made, emotions that were felt and love that was shared. I believe that a wedding is very much still a wedding, no matter how big or how small, how grand or how simple, whether in person or via Zoom. It is no doubt a challenge on its own, to plan and execute a wedding amidst this pandemic. So, hats off to the couples of 2020.

Let’s embrace life, challenges and all.