Tharaniraj & Seema

Tharaniraj & Seema | March 12, 2022 | Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple, Singapore


“Do we get every picture back?” is a question that is not uncommon for photographers to hear. Technically speaking, you do and you don’t. In this blog, I have listed the main reasons as to why photographers do not give you back every single photo taken during an event.

1| Thousands of photos

That is roughly about 5,000 odd photos for a typical 8 hours wedding to sort through and determine which ones are best. I believe that my clients engage me for my documentary style of photography, my storytelling ability and editing a large gallery of photos into a concise, gorgeous, manageable online gallery that you can easily share with your families and friends.

2| Duplicates

I make sure EVERY shot you’ll possibly want is taken to the best of my ability, even if it means taking multiple pictures of a process. Trust that I’ll choose the best of the best photos of you, your family members and your guests.

3| Imperfections

Eye-blinks, people adjusting their outfits at the last seconds, calling out to one another. Kids crying or looking in another direction. These are shots I feel you don’t need unless they are funny, interesting, or contribute to the story of your special day. I’m a very humour-driven person, so I will include some photos that have funny faces or surprising elements.

4| Culling process

Not only am I looking for the best photos of you and everyone involved, I’m also scouring the background and candid photos to make sure your guests are well-represented. That is why photographers cull their photos down to the best-looking ones.

5| Incomplete

In addition to a photographer’s style of shooting being their “signature”, our editing and storytelling is just as much a part of our work. It is what you receive after the event, and what the world sees as our “portfolio”. Seeing unedited photos floating around with my name on it will make me seem like a bad photographer and as clients, you will be unsatisfied with those since they didn’t get the full treatment with an expert eye. (Read more about why I do not provide RAW files in my previous blog.)

The bottom line here? Majority, if not all, of the professional photographers won’t send you every single photo they took on your wedding day. You’re paying a professional to document AND tell a story for you. If you’re afraid of something being missed, hire a photographer who is organized and trustworthy, and communicate clearly with your photographer leading up to your wedding.




Thank you to all the amazing vendors who made the wedding memorable for the Bride and Groom.

Photography – Jacob’s Artography

Cinematography – Dumarks Productions

Wedding Venue – Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

Wedding Deco – Siva Ganesh Services PTE. LTD.

Hair & Makeup – Shoba Bridals

Henna Artist – Sandyxsher