Suria & Vinodhini

Suria & Vinodhini | March 23, 2019 | Sri Mariamman Temple South Bridge Road, Singapore


Do you want to immortalise special moments of your wedding day? Searching for a reliable wedding photographer may feel like a chore. Trusting a wedding photographer is surely a monumental task that Jacob’s Artography takes seriously!

The art of capturing priceless moments of your beautiful day is Jacob’s cup of tea. Jacob’s Artography is all about capturing your favourite moments on your wedding day.


‘Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place-Elliott Erwitt’


Inspired by this quote, photography from being my hobby has turned into my strong passion.

Wedding photographs are the beautiful snaps possible when done right. Therefore, I focus on the subtle details of the event and people as I believe emotions are felt when people watch back their wedding photographs. I want to capture every moment of joy and the humour that the wedding couple, family and friends shared throughout the wedding event.

Jacob’s Artography wants to give you something absolutely exceptional that not only expresses your love but also tells your story on the wedding day.


‘A picture can say a thousand words, but mine…. a fairy tale.’


On this joyous day, several moments go unnoticed by us, but I believe these moments are worth-capturing on your big day. I will hover around you to capture those special moments so that you can watch back several amazing moments of your wedding day right from the beginning of the event to the last moment when it lasts.

On the wedding day, there are a lot of things going on, and there is no way a bride and groom could watch or remember all the moments. With Jacob’s Artography, you can relive those overlooked moments. With the artistically captured real moments, you can go back to your wedding day and feel those lived emotions that you shared with your loved ones.

At Jacob’s Artography, I really care about you. Also, you don’t want me to take wedding photographs when you are making weird or double chin face. We all want perfectly captured candid photographs but not when we are looking weird. I will tell you every little detail that does not seem right, such as if your wedding dress is bunched up, or your face is sweaty etc. I notice these details because I want to deliver quality results through wedding photographs.

If any of these concerns related to wedding photography bothers you, Jacob’s Artography assures that you will not regret putting me in charge of your wedding photography.