Scott & Gahyathiri

Scott & Gahyathiri | September 8, 2019 | Sri Siva Durga Temple Potong Pasir, Singapore


Planing the biggest day of your life is only the beginning of your adventure, and like most brides, Gahyathiri began planning her traditional Hindu wedding to her then fiancé, Scott.

While Gahyathiri was contemplating on wedding photographers, she came across Jacob’s Artography‘s website. After viewing the portfolio, Gahyathiri sent an enquiry via email. During the follow-up meeting, the bride-to-be expressed that the photos from the website were unique. She felt that the photos weren’t staged and wanted hers to be just as authentic. Although the couple had a year till their wedding, Gahyathiri believed that Jacob’s Artography would make their wedding desire a reality.

Fast forward, almost a year later, it was show time. There’s no doubt that every bride needs her family and best ladies by her side on her wedding day. Just hours before the ceremony, the bridal party arrived and place was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was looking their best while Gahyathiri was getting her bridal makeover. Although I came to do my job, I appreciated the family’s hospitality. They made sure that I felt comfortable while working and treated me like a guest. The atmosphere was wonderful and it was only just getting started.

Being a Wedding Photographer for the past four years, one might think that I’ve been to almost every temple that has a wedding hall. Unfortunately, that’s not true. However, thanks to Gahyathiri and Scott, I visited Sri Siva Durga Temple at Potong Pasir and looked at my surroundings in total awe. The temple boasts exquisite sculptural features and without a doubt, makes a beautiful backdrop for any wedding.

Besides the wedding venue, the beauty of our Indian weddings is the bright and vibrant colours with the touch of Indian culture. Be it from the decorations, the colour-coordinated groom/bride squads, family, relatives and guests who attend the event, looking their best. It goes without saying that Scott and his Best man gave us the desi vibe. It’s always amazing to witness people of different cultural backgrounds embracing each other’s culture and customs. As the wedding ritual began, the sound of the ‘nadaswaram’ and ‘tavil’ kept the wedding momentum high. Family members on stage were sharing hugs and smiles, knowing that this is just the beginning of bringing two people and their families together.

Contrary to popular belief, once started, the wedding process moves forward rather quickly and before you know it, you will hear the priest announcing that it’s time to tie the ‘thaali’. One final hoorah before all the excitement mellow down and become sentimental. Heartiest blessings from elders, family and friends, hugs, kisses and smiles all around. And just like that, two has become one.

After witnessing a joyous marriage, hearing from the bride that the ‘camera-shy’ groom was actually comfortable being in front of the camera throughout the whole day, was like an icing on the cake.


Congratulations once again, Scott & Gahyathiri.