Ganesh & Sarah

Ganesh & Sarah | July 6, 2019 | St Vincent De Paul Church, Singapore


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a wedding day is one of the most significant days in one’s life. We would want our big day to be captured creatively and in full details. Of all the things that we adore about weddings, wedding photographs of a romantic, lively, and joyful couple always tops the list.

One cannot revive the same wedding or moment again. But one can capture that perfect moment in order to go back to it. An experience that happens only once in your life and will never happen again. A moment that you cherish and love is what photography creates. It is about seizing that precious moment with photography and presenting you pictures that will be with you for years to come. It is no secret that wedding photographs freezes the time of wedding couples on their big day. It gives them a moment to reminisce and feel the exact emotions they had felt.

Every couple would want to look back and relish their tiny little moments through their photographs. This is what Jacob’s Artography is all about.

I believe there is nothing more memorable than capturing raw emotions, laughter and smiles between couples at their wedding. ‘Ganesh and Sarah’, was one of the best Church weddings that I have photographed so far, the wedding took place in St Vincent De Paul Church, Singapore.

This jovial couple led me into capturing many spontaneous fun moments than poses, parents laughing, children smiling, and grandparents congratulating the couple. These moments are worth a thousand words. My goal was to cover the entire tale and to save little pieces of those precious moments that would become great heirlooms. The aim was to provide them great and precious memories to enjoy for all the years to come.

Jacob’s Artography, believes in capturing moments that cannot be recreated. Creativity and raw storytelling are core values that has drawn me into becoming a documentary wedding photographer. I try to capture the wedding story of every couple in the best possible way so that each photo would tell a story.