Dholman & Rayshmar

Dholman & Rayshmar | February 10, 2023 | Seletar Country Club, Singapore


When I think of the true value of photography, the term ‘investment’ comes to mind. As with any investment, your returns will not necessarily come at the moment of purchase, but over time. Likewise, photographs last for a life time, beyond the wedding day, accumulating fond memories along the way.

As a wedding vendor, I have often wondered how do couples prioritise their wedding expenses. Like, which component holds the most importance? Which vendor do they engage first? When do couples engage their wedding photographers? The burning question that has always been at the back of my mind is: How important are photographs to the couple? Because, based on my personal observations, I think there are two groups of people. One, couples who basically want pictures to mark their wedding day and the other group who truly wants to capture the very essence of their wedding. To many, this may seem indifferent. Like, what’s the difference? Simply put, couples who value photographs, will prioritise the budget for photography rather than putting it as an afterthought.

And it goes without saying that good photography isn’t cheap and cheap photography isn’t good. The cost of wedding photography isn’t about just the day itself. If you think you can go without a professional photographer, I’ll highly advise you to think again. Without meaningful photos, memories from the wedding may fade, or on a worst case scenario, you might regret your choice of photographer after seeing the photographs. (I’ve heard stories 🤫)

When you hire a wedding photographer, you’re making an investment in remembering, and in how you remember the moments. You’re not just paying someone for their time shooting, but for their experience, their creative eye, their thought process, their ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and their understanding of moments that are important to you. You’re paying them for their creative process, and also for their work that will remain to stand the test of time for the next few decades to come.

Invest wisely.