Chandresh & Maha

Chandresh & Maha | February 24, 2021 | Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore


A photographer’s job is much more complex than just simply grabbing a camera and clicking away. In fact, taking photographs is basically just half the job. A lot of work takes place prior to the event, during the event and after the event. In this blog, I am going to share about my work as a photographer at Jacob’s Artography. Are you ready?

It usually starts with an enquiry, either via social media or an e-mail. The first thing I ask my potential clients to do is fill up the enquiry form online with important details such as event, date, time and the venue, along with their personal details. Once received, I send out my quotations and upon successful confirmation, I arrange for an informal meeting. The whole idea for this meeting is to get to know my clients better. I believe in building a good rapport with my clients to ensure that my job gets done successfully. It also helps to ease any awkwardness between us. The meeting also serves as a purpose for discussions and opportunities to clarify any doubts or make certain requests in regards to their wedding photography.

Let’s take a traditional Hindu wedding for an example. I usually arrive at the bride’s place earlier to capture getting-ready shots, while my second photographer heads to the groom’s place. From that point till the end, we would have captured around 5000+ photographs. No kidding. I always capture as many frames as possible. In my opinion, it’s always better to have more images to work with.

Now, here comes the next important task of being a photographer: editing. This lengthy process begins with transferring of images from camera to desktop and my job is to make sure every single image is accounted for, because the last thing any photographer or client would want is to find the wedding images missing! Once the images have been transferred, they go through first round of selection, where I pick out all the good shots. In the second round of selection, I’m more precise and I’ll look into tiny details before beginning the entire editing process. The end product of each and every photo is purely my hard (and heart) work. Editing alone can take about a week and I always give my 101%, making sure the photographs pass my own critique before I share them with my clients.

Next, the fun part. This is something that I’ve started working on towards the last quarter of 2020. With the Covid situation back then, I wanted to make my clients’ wedding even more memorable and to also give them a sneak peak into some of their wedding photos. So after editing the images, I started dabbling with video making. Since I’m a photographer and not a videographer, there were trial and error process involved. Eventually, my idea came to fruition. Through Zoom, I surprised my clients with their wedding highlights. Seeing their reactions while watching their photos gave me a sense of accomplishment and it was definitely worth my efforts.

As photographers, each of us adopt different working styles and this is how Jacob’s Artography caters to each of its clients.