BEST OF 2020

BEST OF 2020 | December 30, 2020 | Jacob’s Artography


If 2020 was a movie, it would be a horror movie with endless suspense. I remember looking forward to a brand new year, with weddings scheduled in my calendar. However, like everyone else, I hadn’t anticipated a global pandemic. It felt like someone pulled the emergency hand break just as I was picking up speed. It threw me off balance.

During the first few days of circuit breaker, my days ran in a loop. I remember receiving texts from clients, saying they need to postpone the wedding, one after the other. At first it didn’t really hit me, but as weeks turned into months, more clients requested to postpone their weddings and that’s when I felt uncertain for the first time. As a person who is usually occupied with work, whether it’s taking photographs or editing images, the days seemed to stretch and I felt like I was being unproductive. Let’s just say that I was getting restless with all that pent up creative energy. So, I did what everyone else was doing: Netflix and chill.

Phase 2 began and I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally. The government announced that marriages can commence and at that point, I was grateful that some of my clients did not postpone their weddings. They decided to proceed even though it meant they will only have a handful of guests. I remember packing my camera bag and looking forward to my first wedding event like it was a vacation. Although it wasn’t easy to work with a mask on, I would take it any day as opposed to staying at home, wondering aimlessly.

Fast forward to the last quarter of 2020, weddings started to resume, slowly but surely. Due to COVID, I had to adapt and work within the space given to me, effectively and efficiently. If you have seen me at work, you would know that I’m a Ninja. One minute, I’ll be in front of you, blink and I’ll be right next to you or taking that ring shot from below! With me, you’ll never know as I’m constantly trying to improvise.

Oh well, the year may not have gone according to plan, but I’m glad it’s ending on a positive note. One thing is for sure, “Tough situations don’t last, but tough people do.” With that, I’d like to thank my clients for trusting my work. I truly appreciate your support. Here’s wishing all of you a very Happy New Year 2021!


Warmest regards,

Jacob James


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