Aravind & Sharanyah

Aravind & Sharanyah | November 21, 2021 | Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore


When searching for a wedding photographer, these questions would have crossed your mind at some point: “Is this person a professional photographer or an amateur?”, “Is this person too expensive?”, “Should I just hire an amateur because they are offering cheaper packages?” Well, the idea of what separates a professional wedding photographer from an amateur is debatable and there are many ways of looking at it. Here’s my perspective…

By definition, an “amateur” photographer is someone that takes photos for fun and passion. They enjoy the art of photography and appreciate the ability to preserve memories and moments. Despite being “amateur”, they can (and do) take some amazing photographs. A professional photographer on the other hand, is compensated for their photographic work. They have trained themselves to become competent at photography and are able to perform at a consistent level every time, even under pressure. 

Every master was once a beginner, and every professional was one an amateur. However, when it comes to important milestones in your life, professional photographers are the ones you need to hire. Now, don’t get me wrong. Amateur photographers may possess the skills and are more likely within budget, but they might not have sufficient experiences. Professional photographers, not only do they come prepared with the necessary equipment, but they are also mentally ready for whatever the day might bring and adapt accordingly. As professionals, they may have encountered various situations and unforeseen circumstances. These experiences allow them to anticipate and swiftly deal with issues that may arise, as time is of the essence in any wedding.

“The amateur makes great photos when everything is going right. The professional makes great photos when everything is going wrong.” – Fearless Photographers

In general, professional photographers are dedicated to their job, for it is their only source of income. No matter what it takes, a professional will get the job done. As mentioned in one of my blogs, it is no secret that here at Jacob’s Artography, I always strive to give my clients a hundred and one percent of my heart work. If you’re curious about my work, do check out my website and social media platforms. If I’m the photographer you’re looking for, do not hesitate to drop me an enquiry. I’ll be sure to respond to your queries.